all-natural spa services

Rock Beauty was founded with a mission to provide all-natural spa services with fantastic results.

We believe safe skin care is the future, and carefully pick our cleansers, masks and serums with health in mind—although at Rock Beauty, we believe good looks are less about the products we apply, and more about how we empower you to reveal your own exquisite aesthetic.

You may not hear many spas say this, but aging is great! As we evolve, we become more polished and dynamic. Aspects we may not have noticed before are uncovered, and begin to shine. Everything in nature has layers, and we are no exception.  

Our services are designed to refine, heal and nurture. With each appointment, you’ll gain a little bit more natural balance to urge you along the path to holistic grace. Your glow comes from within—we just help you see it! 

Come in to Rock Beauty, and come into your beauty. 


About Elizabeth

Rock Beauty is owned and operated by Elizabeth Shealy, who holds a degree in esthetics from Miller Motte Technical College and a degree in business. Additionally, Elizabeth has pursued professional development and continual education courses, is certified by the International Dermal Institute in Chinese Acupressure, and completed an apprenticeship with Terry Liew of Singapore to learn the revolutionary Japanese Facelift Massage. As a result, we are capable of offering you the best treatments and organic products available. 
While many spas provide incredible customer service and comparable treatment options, we offer a health philosophy that embraces organic skincare products and targets the skin care goals of our clients. Through the integration of Eastern ideas and safe products, our services allow you to achieve the healthier skin you are looking for while addressing the underlying issues that cause skin conditions. As a result, your treatment will address both physical and mental stresses that can contribute to unhealthy skin. 
We invite you to contact us with any questions you may have. Call (864)-525-5430 and we can explain how the services of Rock Beauty can improve your overall wellbeing.