At Rock Beauty, we specialize in providing safe and effective treatments for all skin types, especially sensitive skin. These services and treatment packages are performed by a master esthetician and will cater to your needs while improving your skin and enhancing your overall wellbeing. 


All of our facial treatments include the healing components of pure essential oils, as well as a Japanese inspired neck, shoulder and arm massage. Hylunia, trusted by physicians and exclusive spas around the world, is our main skincare line.

Hylunia is passionate about making natural skincare products that are both safe and effective for all skin types and is known for its unique anti-inflammatory properties. 

The products we use are free of preservatives, parabens, fragrances, lanolin, propylene glycol, dyes, animal and human derived ingredients, and cruelty. 

We also offer spa go zies, which are convenient spa items to go. Created at the custom apothecary bar, these items include tub teas, bath salts, herbal eye pads, and sugar scrubs. Select one of the services below to learn more and book an appointment.