Signature Facials

Crystal Clear Back Facial

Going on vacation? Or just want to look your absolute best? Go back. Waaaayyy back, and get your beautiful back back! Often ignored, the skin on your back is prone to its own set of challenges. This treatment is great for men or women. We use deep-pore cleansing and steam treatment to lift impurities. We then follow with gentle extractions, a hot/cold rock massage, and a mud mask.

40 minutes / $60

Jade Stone Clearing Treatment

Sometimes our face experiences its own little “traffic jam.” But it’s no match for our targeted acne facial, specially developed to get things moving again. We combine deep-pore impurity extraction and bacteria elimination to throw a one-two punch at irritation and inflammation. Top it all off with a clarifying, oil-absorbing clay mask, cooling jade stone massage and you’ll be giving congestion the boot!

60 minutes / $95